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Cliff Harvey PhD

Cliff Harvey is a nutritionist, author, life and purpose coach, and researcher. In over two decades of practice he has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals, from those who are chronically and acutely unwell, through to elite-level athletes, and ‘elite-attitude’ business people and entrepreneurs. 

No matter your goal, Cliff can help you to find your passion and purpose, and give you the tools to thrive in your sport, career, or life. 

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Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Issue #7 The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 7 | Volume 1 | December 2019 In this issue: This month, we have another massive review! This time, Cliff thoroughly reviews the research

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Fasting, inflammation, and autophagy.

A recent study sheds light on the mechanisms by which fasting reduces and modifies inflammation. In this article, Cliff reviews and explains the implications of the study.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

How to Fast

Find out how to modify fasting timing and length to meet your goals.

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