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Cliff Harvey PhD

Cliff Harvey is a nutritionist, author, life and purpose coach, and researcher. In over two decades of practice he has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals, from those who are chronically and acutely unwell, through to elite-level athletes, and ‘elite-attitude’ business people and entrepreneurs. 

No matter your goal, Cliff can help you to find your passion and purpose, and give you the tools to thrive in your sport, career, or life. 

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Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Effects of Exercise on Immunity

It is widely accepted that exercise improves health and is, by extension, a valuable contributor to proper immune functioning and resistance to infection. However, excessive…...

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Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Effects of Stress on Immunity

Stress has an undeniable and large effect on health and is a less commonly discussed, but extremely important part of encouraging the greatest human resilience

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Effects of Sleep on Immunity

It is likely that sleeping too little, or having poor sleep, and possibly sleeping too long impact immunity. There are strong associations between sleep length

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