Lara Briden ND

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.5 In this episode, I chat with Lara Briden ND, The Period Revolutionary.  Lara is a world-renowned expert on women’s health and hormonal issues. In this podcast, we get into her background in evolutionary biology, the dangers of birth-control pills, the HPTA axis and hormonal health, keto and women’s health…and more! Check out Lara’s book The Period Repair Manual. Not to be missed for anyone interested on hormonal health and women’s health in general.

Pete Evans

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.4 UPDATE In light of Pete’s recent stances, especially the denial of COVID, dangerous conspiracy theories, and his tone-deaf posts related to the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the murder of George Floyd, I feel it’s necessary to update this post with a clarification on something that I have felt uneasy about for a long time. While I agreed with Pete that much of the criticism to his paleo and keto info was an overreaction (and that much of the nutrition info he put out was just good, healthy nutrition advice), I had also been vocally critical of many of his other health stances. However, in this interview, I feel like I ‘soft-balled’ most of my questions and I didn’t get into some of the topics that I felt really needed to be discussed. In particular, I didn’t ask Pete about his stance on vaccines which I am vehemently opposed to, nor some of his more outlandish claims (such as milk causing cancer and degrading bones), nor about his lack of qualifications to be promoting these anti-science views. For that I am sorry. I have never claimed to be an investigative reporter and I do tend to try and find common-ground with people, even those I disagree with but I feel in this case my silence could be seen as a tacit endorsement of his views on vaccination, conspiracy theories related to COVID, and his seeming denial of the gravity of racial prejudice. I have…