Phil Dowling ND, MA

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.6 Phil Dowling is a legit OG of nutrition and naturopathy in New Zealand. He has been in practice for 3 decades, is a lecturer in various aspects of physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical nutrition and is, to top it all off, one of Australasia’s leading nutrition practitioners for gut-health. In this cast I riff with Phil about gut-health, fermented foods, probiotics, prebiotics, and what many people get wrong about how to optimally improve gut-health. Find Phil at This episode was supported by my favourite ‘synbiotic’ supplement, Vita Biosa. Vita Biosa is more than just prebiotics and probiotics! It’s a complete, living, active ecosystem of health-promoting herbs, cellular fuels, organic acids,  and a range of the most beneficial bacteria for the gut and overall health. Carb-Appropriate Podcast listeners can get 20% off Vita Biosa by going to: or by using the code CABIOSA at Vita Biosa is also available at Health 2000 stores and most other fine health retailers around NZ. Find stockists at $5 and over patrons can access the full podcast transcript below