Do Saunas Help You ‘Detox’?

While saunas are known to be beneficial to health (by inducing ‘heat shock proteins’) and might even aid hypertrophy (muscle growth), the evidence for a ‘detox’ effect is less clear. It is plausible, as the skin is a major excretory organ and can help the body to eliminate toxins, and the increased metabolic activity and catabolic processes initiated by heat-shock proteins may amplify this. Research is lacking although a few studies have shown some isolated findings for an effect of saunas on detox At this stage though, research is lacking although a few studies have shown some isolated findings for an effect of saunas on detox, including improved healthy questionnaire scores and reduced neurotoxicity findings.1, 2 References 1.         Lennox RD, Cecchini-Sternquist M. Safety and tolerability of sauna detoxification for the protracted withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse. Journal of International Medical Research. 2018;46(11):4480-99. 2.         Ross GH, Sternquist MC. Methamphetamine exposure and chronic illness in police officers: significant improvement with sauna-based detoxification therapy. Toxicology and Industrial Health. 2011;28(8):758-68.

The Brain and Nootropic Issue: The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 3 | Volume 2 | March 2020 In this issue: This month, Cliff looks at the evidence behind diet and lifestyle for reducing the risk of dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders and how you can boost brain-power right now. Also this month, research commentary on a recent systematic review and meta-analysis on carbohydrate intake and metabolic syndrome risk, along with short research ‘bites’ on evening primrose oil, saunas and detox, and the paleo-keto diet. Featured article How to Optimise Brain Health & Reduce the Risk of Age-Related Cognitive Decline Brain health now and impending cognitive decline are two of the most pressing health considerations for people nowadays. In this review, Cliff looks at lifestyle, diet, and supplement interventions to help keep your brain healthy. Read the article here Articles All About: Nootropics Nootropics are supplements that purport to boost your brain-power and improve your cognition and mental performance. There are a lot of claims but many of these supplements lack research-backing. Find out what the evidence says about the most common and most studied nootropics. Read the article here Research Commentary Mini-research-reviews on: Is Evening Primrose Oil Worth Taking? What is the Evidence Behind the Palaeolithic Ketogenic Diet? Do Saunas Aid Detoxification? Does the Amount of Carbohydrate in the Diet Affect Metabolic Syndrome Risk? Members can download this month’s full issue below: [ppp_patron_only level=”10″] CARR-March-2020Download [/ppp_patron_only]