Gypsy: What’s in a Name?

Gypsy [noun]: A member of a traditionally itinerant people who originated in northern India and now live chiefly in south and southwest Asia, Europe, and North America: Romani, Rom, Romany What’s a Gypsy? A Gypsy is a Romani person. The term is now also often used in the United Kingdom to describe several of the other ethnic traveller groups, Scottish (Narkin) and Irish (Pavee) travellers. But isn’t a Gypsy anyone who travels? Not really. Originally, the term gypsy was applied only to Romani people. The word originates from ‘Egyptian’. Because Romani people are historically dark (although now many Rom in Western Europe are ostensibly ‘white’) they were thought to be from Egypt and hence, were called Egyptians, which became shortened to ‘Gyptian’ and then to Gypsy. But now it means something different, right? Yes and no. The word has now been taken to mean a free-spirited wanderer but there are many issues with this. This very modern derivation of the word only became a ‘thing’ as hippie counter-culture types began to use the term to describe a lifestyle. The problem with that derivation is that the lifestyle associated with the word gypsy is a fantastical, fetishized, and stereotypical association. So, to use ‘gypsy’ to describe a business, brand or lifestyle plays into these stereotypes and fetishizes a people. Black guys have big dicks, Native Americans have mystical powers, and gypsies are free-spirited wanderers without a care in the world… Um, no. Aren’t Gypsies free-spirited wanderers without a care in the world?…

The Sleep Issue: The Carb-Appropriate Review

Review of how to improve sleep

Issue 6 | Volume 2 | June 2020 In this issue: 🥱 How does SLEEP impact HEALTH? 🥛 How does SLEEP impact DIET? 🛌 An evidence-backed GUIDE with TIPS on how to IMPROVE it! Articles The Effects of Sleep on Health Sleep has a complex relationship with health. In this review, Dr Cliff Harvey explores the effects of poor sleep on health, and of poor health on sleep. Read the article here The Effects of Diet and Supplementation on Sleep Diet is affected by sleep and sleep affects diet. In this review, Dr Cliff Harvey explores the effects of dietary changes and supplements on sleep. Read the article here How to Improve Your Sleep An evidence-based guide to getting the zzz’s that you need… Read the article here Members download the full issue below Can’t see the article? That’s because you’re not a member! Subscribe now