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Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Do Saunas Help You ‘Detox’?

While saunas are known to be beneficial to health (by inducing ‘heat shock proteins’) and might even aid hypertrophy (muscle growth), the evidence for a ‘detox’ effect is less clear. It is plausible, as the skin is a major excretory organ and can help the body to eliminate toxins, and

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Brain and Nootropic Issue: The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 3 | Volume 2 | March 2020 In this issue: This month, Cliff looks at the evidence behind diet and lifestyle for reducing the risk of dementia and other neurodegenerative disorders and how you can boost brain-power right now. Also this month, research commentary on a recent systematic review

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

All About: Nootropics

Nootropics are supplements that improve cognition and mental performance to better-than-normal levels. In this review, Cliff Harvey PhD looks at the evidence behind some of the most common and most-studied nootropics.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Is Evening Primrose Oil Worth Taking?

Reviews of the evidence have shown that there is little meaningful evidence to support the use of evening primrose oil (EPO) for breast tenderness or dermatitis.1, 2 But one review has suggested a benefit (versus drugs used for treatment) for breast pain. It should be noted that the studies cited

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Does the Amount of Carbohydrate in the Diet Affect Metabolic Syndrome Risk?

Whether the carbohydrate content of the diet affects metabolic risk or not is hotly debated. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis sheds some light on this topic. In this research commentary, Cliff Harvey PhD delves into this study and its implications.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

How to Optimise Brain Health and Reduce the Risk of Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Brain health, mental performance, and reducing the risk of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are key aspects of health that are highly sought after. In this review, Cliff Harvey PhD looks at some of the diet, lifestyle, and supplement interventions that might boost brain-power and protect the brain.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

All About Sweeteners: The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 2 | Volume 2 | February 2020 In this issue: This month, Cliff delves into the evidence behind the health effects of sweeteners. This issue includes a general review on non-nutritive sweeteners and then in-depth reviews of the human health effects of stevia and erythritol. Also this month, a

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

Are Low-Carb & Keto Diets ‘Bad’ for Ovarian Cancer?

There has recently been significant discussion in clinical circles about the appropriateness of the ketogenic diet for the treatment of ovarian cancer. In this article, I summarise the available research on ketogenic diets and ovarian cancer to shed some light on whether it is or isn’t appropriate…