Carb-Appropriate Research Review

All About: Auto-Immunity

What is ‘autoimmunity’? And what does the evidence tell us about treating autoimmune conditions with diet and lifestyle?

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

All About: Immunity

Immunity is a hot topic right now but many claims simply aren’t backed by evidence.
So, how can we support our innate immunity?


Do Low-Carb Diets Affect Hormone Balance?

Cliff chats with low-carb researchers Drs Mikki Williden, Dan Plews, Caryn Zinn about whether low-carb diets REALLY affect hormone balance in both men and women.

Life & Purpose

Cliff Harvey on Episode 20 of the GOOD Podcast with Scott Gooding

Celebrity trainer and chef Scott Gooding chats with Dr Cliff Harvey about how we can stay healthy while being stuck at home, what the COVID isolation might mean for long-term public health, and the silver-lining that perhaps we can use this to help find lives of greater passion and purpose.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The MCT Issue: The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 4 | Volume 2 | April 2020 In this issue: This month The Carb-Appropriate Research Review goes deep on MCTS. Find out what medium-chain triglycerides are, how they work, what conditions and outcomes they may help, and how to use them most effectively. Featured article All About Medium Chain Triglycerides Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are becoming increasingly popular for use in both keto and non-keto diets. In this BIG, in-depth review, Cliff Harvey PhD (who incidentally has conducted several studies in the use of MCTs for ketogenesis) delves into what they and how to best use them. Read the article

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

All About: Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium chain triglycerides offer the potential to elevate ketone levels and have a number of evidence-based application. In this post, Dr Cliff Harvey looks at the evidence behind the use of MCTs.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

How to Live a (Nearly) Ad-Free Existence

Using apps to enable greater productivity and choosing to pay for selected, high-quality media, we can reduce stress and anxiety and possibly even save money in the longer-term.

Health Tips

COVID and Mind, Body, Spirit Health

There is a lot of misinformation about what can and can’t help during this COVID pandemic. In this podcast, Cliff outlines some of the things he’s doing to stay healthy.

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Problem with ‘Free’ Media…

So much of the media we demand and consume nowadays has a ‘free’ price-tag. But is it truly ‘free’? What implications do click-bait, aggressive advertising, and other aspects of ostensibly free media have on our lives?

Carb-Appropriate Research Review

The Effects of Social Media on Health

Social media is a way for us to connect with information and the people we care about but is excessive use sabotaging our health?