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Cliff Harvey PhD on the Hypertrophy Hub Podcast

Cliff chats with James Walsham on his Hypertrophy Hub Podcast about keto, calories, and so much more!

In this episode, I chat with James Walsham about keto, low-carb, calories, call out culture, pragmatism in research and practice, and so much more!

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00:00: The role keto plays in an evidence-based practitioners tool kit.

05:30: Keto for cancer

08:20: low carb for diabetes – differentiating between keto and low carb.

14:30: How useful is the effect on satiety in terms of tackling weight loss?

21:30: Clif outlines his position on calories.

31:30: Observations in changes of views of what matters for health and nutrition.

43:00: Limitations for keto/low-carb.

57:30: Absolutes and logical investigation.

1:18:30: Where to find cliff online

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