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Cliff Harvey PhD on the Sigma Nutrition Podcast with Danny Lennon

Cliff Harvey PhD was recently on Danny Lennon's podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio. Check it out to hear about ketosis and fat-loss, neuroprotection. MCTs, Lion's Mane and more!

In this podcast I chat with the awesome Danny Lennon MSc, a nutrition and performance expert (who I last chatted with on the Iron Culture podcast).

We discuss low-carb, some of my research, and the benefits of keto for neural health (and much more!) Check it out and make sure to subscribe to the Sigma Nutrition podcast above.

In this cast some of the topics that we discussed are:

  • Impact of low-carbohydrate diets, differing in levels of carbohydrate restriction, on cardiometabolic markers
  • Differentiating between benefits of increased ketones vs. benefits of carbohydrate restriction
  • Why Cliff is so interested in the physiological state of ketosis
  • Is there a physiologicaly superiority for LCHF diets for fat loss?
  • Ketogenic diets & neuroprotection
  • Ketones, MCTs & Lion’s Mane after brain trauma/concussion

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