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Cliff’s 101 Tips for Health: Avoid processed, refined foods

Refocus on REAL food.

The famous physical culturist Jack Lalanne once said: “If man made it don’t eat it!” And you know what…he was right!

Highly processed foods most commonly are the ones that digest rapidly, spiking blood sugar levels and causing the release of disproportionately substantial amounts of our fat-storing hormone, insulin. They also often contain man-made trans fats that encourage inflammation and increased storage of fat, as well as being stripped of vitamins and minerals during processing.

Next time you’re at the supermarket imagine that you can only buy things that you might come across walking through a forest!

From Carb-Appropriate 101 by Cliff Harvey PhD

Carb-Appropriate 101 gives you 101 daily tips to help you achieve the energy, health & performance you deserve. It includes daily tips for nutrition, movement, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, sleep, stress-reduction, and more! These tips are some of the themes that Cliff has written and spoken about over his decades in practice, in ‘bite-sized’ mini-articles.

Read the book from cover-to-cover, applying a tip a day, or simply open the book to any page to find a valuable health and performance tip to help you feel and perform at your very best.

Available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.

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