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Cliff’s 101 Tips for Health: Lose your nutrition journal!

Nutrition journals are great, but they aren’t always great all the time!

NUTRITION JOURNALS ARE GREAT, but they aren’t always great all the time!

They should be used to check-in, fine-tune and create accountability and awareness of what you are eating and how you can change that to serve your goals more effectively. They shouldn’t become a crutch or an obsession that stops you from being able to learn about food and listen to your body. They especially shouldn’t be relied upon if they are driving obsessive patterns around food, especially if these create guilt, blame and shame. If you notice that you are becoming overly reliant on it, try taking a break and releasing the attachment to it.

Use a food diary or journal, but don’t become obsessed with it.

From Carb-Appropriate 101 by Cliff Harvey PhD

Carb-Appropriate 101 gives you 101 daily tips to help you achieve the energy, health & performance you deserve. It includes daily tips for nutrition, movement, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, sleep, stress-reduction, and more! These tips are some of the themes that Cliff has written and spoken about over his decades in practice, in ‘bite-sized’ mini-articles.

Read the book from cover-to-cover, applying a tip a day, or simply open the book to any page to find a valuable health and performance tip to help you feel and perform at your very best.

Available on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.

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