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Cliff’s 101 Tips for Health: Make your treats an adventure!

Have a fun-filled, powerful adventure next time you plan to have a treat meal

Make your treats worth it! Don’t just have any old junk food just because you have allowed yourself a treat meal, or because you are stressed out or exhausted and you ‘give up’ on your nutrition plan. A better way to approach treats is to make them a part of your plan and make them an expedition.

Go out somewhere and have something that you REALLY want to have. This makes the entire process an activity (an ‘expedition’) of powerful self-honouring and enjoyment.  I always recommend leaving the house (because there shouldn’t be ‘treat’ foods at home anyway!) and being strong, proud and powerful in your conviction to go out and have a treat in the full view of other people.

So often I see clients and patients who tell me they feel guilty about the occasional treat and hide at home eating their favourite things. This only encourages weakened and disempowered associations with the foods we love! It is much better to treat ourselves with foods in a fun, playful and powerful way by making it a weekly or fortnightly expedition to go out and have something wonderful!

Go out somewhere and have something that you REALLY want to have.

From Carb-Appropriate 101 by Cliff Harvey PhD

Carb-Appropriate 101 gives you 101 daily tips to help you achieve the energy, health & performance you deserve. It includes daily tips for nutrition, movement, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, sleep, stress-reduction, and more! These tips are some of the themes that Cliff has written and spoken about over his decades in practice, in ‘bite-sized’ mini-articles.

Read the book from cover-to-cover, applying a tip a day, or simply open the book to any page to find a valuable health and performance tip to help you feel and perform at your very best.

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