Live healthier and happier, perform at your best, and achieve a life of passion and purpose. Cliff Harvey is a proven leader in the field of health and performance and his coaching, books, and talks will help you to take your health and performance to the next level. 

Congrats on getting Coached by Cliff!

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Congrats on starting your health, wellness, and performance journey with me, Cliff Harvey. 

Follow the steps below to finalise your Coached by Cliff subscription. 

Step 1. Client intake

Fill in the client intake form so that I can get cracking on your customised plan. 

Step 2. Download the App

Download the Coached by Cliff App. 

Step 3. We'll Build Your Plan

We’ll allocate your custom nutrition, training, and wellness plans (depending on your subscription) to your account. 

Step 4. Log Your Progress

We’ll monitor your results (weight, bodyfat, blood measures, health indices etc.) and your compliance to nutrition and training and make adjustments when we update your plan/s. 

Step 5. Talk with Us!

Communication and support are key to getting results. Our online coaching offers real-time communication, integration with skype, email and messaging, and much more. 

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