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COVID and Mind, Body, Spirit Health

There is a lot of misinformation about what can and can't help during this COVID pandemic. In this podcast, Cliff outlines some of the things he's doing to stay healthy.

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.21

Great facials in the opening thumbnail too! But in all seriousness, let’s be sane and be healthy through this COVID pandemic.

The effects of COVID on mind and body health, and society and the economy are likely to be very severe, but there is also a lot of disinformation. On the one hand, a lot of people are becoming panicked and extremely anxious and fearful, and on the other, some are denying the seriousness of the COVID pandemic. In this cast, I wanted to outline some pragmatic, evidence-based approaches to staying healthy during the pandemic and what to do when self-isolating.

Preventing Transmission

  • Wash your hands! Especially before eating, after being in contact with another person (or touching surfaces that have been in contact with others), and after using the bathroom
  • Avoid unnecessary contact (this could mean limiting going out of the home, not attending events, and also simply staying further away from people to reduce transmission)
  • Avoid touching your face!

Where to get evidence-based information:

Act as if you have the virus!

Mental & Spiritual Health

  • Use this as an opportunity to learn
  • For example, many of my students at The Holistic Performance Institute are taking up new short courses, or knuckling down on their studies to become nutrition coaches or nutritionists (all our courses are taught online)
  • Take the opportunity to create better health habits
  • Start, or kickstart a meditation practice
  • Be aware of the effects of isolation and make sure you stay in contact with loved ones online and via social media
  • BUT be aware of over-using social media which could actually increase depression and anxiety

Physical Health

  • Remember that there are no nutritional or supplement cures or preventatives for COVID-19 at this time
  • Being healthy though is likely to increase resistance to infections of many types
  • Keep moving! Even if you’re stuck at home, use this as an opportunity to refocus on your training (for example, yoga or body-weight training if you can’t go to the gym)
  • Also be aware of over-training which can reduce your immunity to infections
  • Eat a healthy diet! A diet based on natural, unrefined foods is likely to benefit health and immunity
  • Meals should contain 1-2 palm-sized serves of protein, 2-3+ fist-sized serves of vegetables, 1-2 thumb-sized portions of healthy fats, and carbs added according to your activity and lifestyle/metabolic needs
  • Some supplements may help BUT focus on health not on treating or preventing COVID!
  • A good multi-nutrient can help make sure you have enough essential vitamins and minerals (especially vitamins A, C, D, and zinc)
  • A good quality fish oil (or cod liver oil for a short time) can help provide omega 3 fats, vitamin A, and D, beneficial to proper immune function
  • Some mushrooms (especially Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake) may be of benefit to immune function too

Help People Achieve Health

Study nutrition with The Holistic Performance Institute and become a qualified Nutrition Coach or Nutritionist

  • Evidence-based
  • Taught with passion
  • Led by proven experts
  • Completely online
  • Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world

Disclosure: I am the founder of Nutrition Store Online and we sell the supplements that I use daily, including Good Green Stuff, Clean Lean Protein, Melrose Fish and MCT oils, and Life Cykel and Four Sigmatic Mushrooms.

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