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Darren Ellis – The Godfather

Cliff chats with 'the Godfather of CrossFit in NZ' Darren Ellis, about how to stay fit, functional, healthy, and happy as a busted up former strength athlete.

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.18

In this episode of the podcast, I chat with my good buddy Darren ‘Daz’ Ellis.

Daz is the Godfather of CrossFit in New Zealand, founding NZ’s first CrossFit box, competing at multiple regionals and the ‘big show’, and coaching and consulting to many CF athletes and boxes both here and around the world.

In this cast, we chat about health vs performance, how to stay healthy and happy in this crazy modern world, and what that all means for a middle-aged former musclehead!

You can find out more about Darren and CrossFit NZ at

Follow Darren’s coaching and consulting at Insta:

Darren Ellis MSc – The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.18 LIVE
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