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Is Dairy Inflammatory?

Dairy is commonly considered inflammation causing. But is this justified? For whom is dairy inflammatory...and for whom is it not?

Key Findings:

Dairy is typically anti-inflammatory

There is little difference in the anti-inflammatory effects between low-fat, full-fat, and fermented dairy

Dairy is typically anti-inflammatory for those with metabolic disorders

Dairy is typically inflammatory for those with dairy allergies and might also be for those with immune and inflammatory disorders

Inflammation is a critical biological process that provides essential functions to the body’s ability to recover from illness, infection, and injury. Inflammation though needs to be in balance and our modern lifestyle which includes reduced sleep length and quality, increased psychosocial stress, and foods that are pro-inflammatory, is likely to have played a role in the increased prevalence of diseases related to chronic inflammation and immune dysfunction. Dairy is a common allergen and the incidence of dairy allergies appears to be rising.1  It is therefore often eliminated from diets, especially in the complementary and alternative health sphere. However, the evidence for that recommendation may not be strong.

Dairy is often eliminated from diets but the evidence for that recommendation is not strong

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