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Issue #2 The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 2 | Volume 1 | July 2019

In this issue:


Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Negatively Affect Female Hormone Balance?

Many people think that low-carb diets are negative for female hormone balance, menstrual cycles, and ovulation. But does this stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Can You Be ‘Healthy at Every Size’?

‘Health At Every Size’ (HAES) has become a very popular ‘anti-diet’ movement, and while its goals are laudable and it results in benefits, can you actually be healthy at every or any size?

Research reviews and commentary

How reliable is the statistical evidence for limiting saturated fat intake?

Most reviews and meta-analyses show no effect of saturated fat on mortality but the influential Hooper meta-analysis of 2015 suggested increased risk of death from saturated fat in the diet. But was this finding reliable?

In a new study, Simon Thornley and colleagues cast doubt on the findings of the Hooper analysis.

Association of changes in red meat consumption with total and cause-specific mortality among US women and men: two prospective cohort studies

A recent study has been highly promoted in the media as another ‘nail in the coffin’ for red meat, suggesting an increased risk of death from eating red meat. But was this effect really shown?

From the media

Rebuttal to the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine article: “Keto Diet Is Dangerous for Veterans with Diabetes”

A recent article by vegan advocacy group PCRM has attacked using low-carb for veterans with diabetes. In this article, researcher Cliff Harvey provides a rebuttal to the PCRM arguments against LCHF for diabetes.

Members download the full review below

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