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Issue #3 The Carb-Appropriate Review

Issue 3 | Volume 1 | August 2019

In this issue:


Is the Ketogenic Diet Really a Cure for Cancer?

The ketogenic diet is touted as a ‘cure’ for cancer with claims that it effectively starves cancer cells of fuel.

But do these claims stack up?

Can the Ketogenic Diet and Ketones Improve Brain Health?

The ketogenic diet shows promise for improving brain health and reducing neurodegeneration. Find out what the science says in this special report.

Research reviews and commentary

Does Increased Fat in the Diet Cause ‘Keto-Crotch’?

This study is often used to support the idea that a ketogenic diet results in less-than-pleasant odours on a keto diet! But does this study really show that?… Or something else entirely?

Are Low-Carb Diets Deficient in Essential Nutrients?

It’s commonly claimed that low-carb and keto diets are lacking in essential micronutrients.

In this study by Caryn Zinn and colleagues of AUT University, they compare a healthy low-carb diet to a standard western-style diet.

Can Ketogenic Diets Improve the Structure of Key Brain Cells

Emering reserach is shwoing that ketogenic diets can aid supportive ‘glial cells’ of the brain. Find out what this means in this short review of a recent study that has hit the headlines.

World Health Organisation’s Recommendations on Saturated Fat Are Out of Date…

Recent expert reports have again challenged the outdated idea that saturated fat is a significant, independent impactor of mortality.

Members download the full review below

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