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Issue #4 The Carb-Appropriate Review

The latest Carb-Appropriate Research Review is all about dairy! Find out the latest research on the health effects of dairy, whether it is pro- or anti-inflammatory, PLUS the low- vs full-fat debate, and all about A1 vs A2 protein.

Issue 4 | Volume 1 | September 2019

In this issue:


Does Milk Do a Body Good?

Milk and dairy are commonly avoided by people seeking health. But is this avoidance justified by the evidence?

Find out the effects of dairy on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, cognition, acne, pregnancy and more in this review of the latest evidence.

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Is Low-Fat Dairy Superior to Full-Fat?

Low-fat dairy foods are recommended against by dietary guidelines due to the perceived risk to heart-health.

But is this recommendation justified by evidence?

Find out what the latest research says about low-fat vs full-fat dairy.

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Is Dairy Inflammatory?

Dairy is often thought of as an ‘inflammatory food’ and as such is commonly restricted or avoided, especially in complementary and alternative health circles. But is restriction justified?

Find out whether dairy is inflammatory (and who actually should avoid it) in this review of the research.

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A1 vs A2 Dairy

Normal dairy from common cattle breeds contains mixed A1-A2 casein protein that has been linked to health risks. So, A2-only protein has become increasingly common as a healthy option to counter these risks. But are the risks relevant? Does A2 dairy actually promote better health effects?

Find out what the current research says about the A1 vs A2 debate in this research review.

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Research Commentary

Does Increasing Dairy Intake Reduce Insulin Sensitivity?

There is concern about the insulin stimulating effects of dairy. In this study, the effect on insulin and blood glucose homeostasis of increased dairy intake was explored.

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In the Media

Should Dairy and Meat be Reduced in Hospital Meals?

Recently, there have been calls to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from hospital meals for environmental and health reasons but this recommendation could put people’s health at further risk.

Read the article here

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