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Issue #6 The Carb-Appropriate Review

Focus: Candida & Dysbiosis

Issue 6 | Volume 1 | November 2019

In this issue:

This month, we have a massive review of the evidence-backed complementary treatments for candida overgrowth. Find out what candida is, how it can progress to candidiasis, and what natural treatments have shown evidence for its treatment.

We also have some great articles on protein and sugar cravings, high-fat diets and the brain, and the effects of omega-3 fats on gut-health.

Feature article

All You Need to Know About Treating Candida, Naturally

Candida is poorly understood and candida overgrowth can be over-diagnosed in alternative health circles…on the other hand, it can be a major problem, especially for people with immune dysfunction and can result in symptoms ranging from annoying to life-threatening.

In this article, Cliff Harvey PhD delves into the research to find the evidence for various natural treatment strategies for candida, from diet through to herbal medicine, and supplementation.

Read the article here


Does Protein Reduce Sugar Cravings

It’s commonly suggested that increased protein in the diet reduces cravings.

But does this claim stack up?

So, does increasing protein intake reduce cravings, especially for sugar? Find out in this month’s article.

Read the article here

Can Omega-3 Fats Treat Dysbiosis?

What does the evidence say about the use of omega-3 fats, particularly those from fish oil, for gut-health?

Do omega-3 fats improve gut-health by, in turn, improving the gut microbiome?

Read the article here

In the Literature

Do High-Fat Diets Increase Inflammation in the Brain?

There is debate over whether high-fat diets that cause inflammation in mice are relevant to the human, in vivo, in situ experience.

In this article, Cliff Harvey PhD considers a recent animal study and whether the results apply to humans.

Read the article here

Members download the full review below

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