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Julian Mitchell – Mushroom Man!

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast Ep.11

Julian Mitchell is a physio turned myco-entrepreneur. He is as passionate about mushrooms and their use as both food and medicine as I am, and I was stoked to chat with him on this episode of the cast.

Julian is one of the founders of Life Cykel, a Byron Bay (NSW, Australia) based producer of organic, ethical, and sustainable mushroom products.

Sit back, relax, and join us on an in-depth chat of all things ‘shrooms!

Interested in trying Medicinal Mushrooms?

Listeners of the podcast can get a massive 25% off their first order of Life Cykel mushrooms at Nutrition Store Online. Just use code: CA-SHROOMS when you order at or click on the link to have your discount automatically applied:

Disclosure: Cliff is the owner of Nutrition Store Online, the New Zealand exclusive distributor of Life Cykel products

Intro sample from Get Up, Stand Up by Public Enemy feat. Brother Ali. Outro sample from Spastic Mumblings by Jesse Spillane –

Podcast transcript coming soon!.. for patrons only

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