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The Carb-Appropriate Review

A monthly research review by Cliff Harvey PhD (c)

Are you sick of reading boring research reports that you don’t understand?

In this monthly review, Cliff breaks down nutrition, health and performance topics, and summarises the latest, trending research in plain English

The Carb-Appropriate Review only costs $10 USD per month (that’s about the cost of a smoothie!)

AND you get the following benefits FREE:

  • Access to the live recordings of The Carb-Appropriate Podcast
  • Members only Patron group on Facebook
  • The Carb-Appropriate Review
  • LIVE on-cam, voice Q&A (meet, greet, and question) Cliff and guests on the podcast
  • Sneak-peeks of upcoming books and audio books
  • Monthly member-only discount code on all Cliff’s favourite supplements
Liked this post? Became a patron for as little as $1 a month, or subscribe to member-only articles and the Carb-Appropriate Research Review for only $10 a month.

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