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The Credo

8 Simple virtues for living with passion and purpose in the post-truth era

A new book by Cliff Harvey PhD

Do you feel like you’re drifting through life without passion and purpose?

Or perhaps you just don’t feel like you’re as happy or healthy or performing in life to the level you desire.

You’re not alone…

In The Credo, clinician, researcher, and author Cliff Harvey outlines 8 simple virtues to create a passionate, purposeful life. Cliff combines these virtues with examples, commitments, and exercises to help you to integrate the concepts into your life and begin, right now, to be healthier, happier, and perform better, no matter your goal.

Fuck! Its Fucking brilliant.
So fucking good I could have fucking written it.

Mike Hutcheson

Cliff Harvey is considered a leader in the field of both nutrition and mind-body healthcare. He has overcome adversity to write best-selling books, found successful businesses, and win world titles and set world records in All-Round Weightlifting. In his clinical practice, and through his writing and seminars, he has helped thousands of people, from the chronically unwell, through to elite athletes, and ultra-successful business-people, to achieve their best health and performance.

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